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근무지역 : New York > New York County > Manhattan City
근무형태 풀타임
채용제목 Operation Administrator /Korea Development Bank
직종/업무 일반사무
우대조건 정보없음
근무지역 , Manhattan,
홈페이지 정보없음
업체명 Korea Development Bank 담당자명 정보없음
연락처 정보없음 이메일 NEWYORK@KDB.CO.KR
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The Korea Development Bank New York Branch is looking for Operation Administrator in Operations Team.

The Korea Development Bank (“KDB”) is a wholly state-owned bank in South Korea, a leader of domestic Lending/Capital market and the No. 1 arranger in Asia-Pacific project finance market.

As one of the global networks of KDB, KDB New York Branch is a leading provider of financial services to multi-national corporations. We provide corporate banking solutions such as loans, trade finance and structured products to our clients based on comprehensive understanding of the broad and complex financial issues that our clients face.

Operation Administrator is responsible for assisting and supporting KDB New York’s Treasury Team via transaction-oriented administrative work. This includes, but is not limited to, disbursement /withdrawal of funds, providing back office work for MM Trades, Treasury settlement, and interacting with various internal and external parties to ensure that the transaction is completed efficiently.

• Settle all MM Trades and send/receive confirmations
• Settle all Treasury trades and monitor all transactions
• Process Deposit transactions
• Confirm and receive coupon interest
• Process various fees and other charges
• Distribution of incoming/outgoing SWIFT messages
• Provide daily fluctuation report to the management
• Process daily SWAP valuations
• Prepare daily/monthly reports for Head Office and internal use
• Provide monthly coupon interest and swap receive/pay reports

• Bachelor’s degree
• Proficient use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Back office experience in financial institutions is a plus
• Fluency in Korean is a plus
• Analytical capability for financial statements is a plus

Required Documents:
• Resume / Curriculum Vitae (English)

-Sponsorship not available-

근무 상세 내용

  • 고용형태: 정규직
  • 지역: 뉴욕시티, 맨하탄
  • 근무요일: 주 5일(월, 화, 수, 목, 금)
  • 근무시간: 09:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
  • 급여: 면접 후 결정


접수방법 및 기간

  • 접수방법: 이메일 (NEWYORK@KDB.CO.KR)
  • 접수기간: 2020.09.15 ~ 2020.10.15
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